OSM Workshop in Kathmandu

Dear friends,
due to the invitation of Dr.Nama Budhatoki I can visit Kathmandu end of January / begin of February 2015 for a week.

The aims could be:

Advanced mapping
Recognition of building geometry fom aerial images
3D mapping
Making of your own aerial photography by use of kite and digital camera or small quadrocopters.

If you have other suggestions, please post it here.

Best regardds,

I would suggestvone topic more, but I dont know the situation in Nepal very well:
Street categories in Nepal.
Maybe one word about our experiences from Poland:
We have found, after long discussion, that the existing Wiki categorization does not answer all our questions.
Our local community have decided how zto describe the streets and ways in our country, of course based on OSM Wiki.
Our results (in polish language) are here:

What do you think about that?

Best regards,

Marek please check this out for tagging Nepal’s highway and streets. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Nepal/Roads. The list needs more refinement but it still gives a base for tagging our streets.