OSM windows.exe Download - NSIS Error when run?

I have recently downloaded some of the European maps as osm_generic_new_windows.exe downloads from the Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices page.

I am trying to install them to BaseCamp on a W7 machine and I get an NSIS error that refers me to the page at the link.


I don’t understand the solution mentioned there at the “Note;” if that is a solution.

I’ve downloaded these from a LInux machine and am running them on a W7 machine for the installs, is that the issue?

If I download the *.exe files again from the W7 machine, the install to BaseCamp works. Is there a solution that will let me use the downloads I have now?

Thanks for any help!


There’s two different things going on here.

The page at that URL is itself an error. More specifically, the page doesn’t exist. None of the information on this error page is relevant to your installer issue.

It sounds to me like the files you downloaded on the Linux machine are corrupted. If you redownload them and they fail to install again, I’d suggest finding a different method of downloading the files, because whatever you’re using seems to be corrupting the files on download.

OK, I did download the ones that failed and then they did install OK.

The error I got was a pop up and I assumed that the error was from the OSM windows.exe file. It said "Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy. More information at: http://nsis.sf.net/NSIS_Error"

And that link redirected me to the link I posted above.

I have never posted an image here. I captured the pop-up error image in a screen shot but can’t figure out how to include in my post here. I’m used to seeing or getting a menu that let’s me choose the image file I want to include in the post but I not getting that. Nor can I find a tutorial in how to do it for the FluxBB.