Osm wikimedia commons

I recently created a website https://picsaroundme.com/

It’s more for cellphones but it works for computers too.

It can be a useful tool if we want to add images via the wikimedia_commons tag to a poi.

Just FYI it relies on this opensource project GitHub - tbo47/ez-opendata: Wrap open-data sources (wikipedia, openstreetmap, wikimedia, etc...) calls in simple javascript functions.


Looks cool!
I don’t see any attribution for Wikimedia Commons images even though details about license are returned via API.

Thanks. Do you mean the licence under which the photo is published or the author’s name?

Depending on the license both might be required

Hi there!

So far I have always used this one. Please explain: What advantage does your programme offer, I can’t see any at the moment. :question:

Beside the missing attribution for wikimedia, I also miss the attribution for OSM. Please make sure to include these to prevent yourself from getting in legal trouble.

Beside the license stuff, great work. The website does not look finally polished, but it is in a usable state and I see potential for it. Thank you for sharing the link. :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback. I added the licence and the author’s name on the wikimedia commons and the attribution for osm. Let me know if that’s enough.
Also a double tap on the photo brings to the wikimedia commons page.

Wow, that was a fast response :slight_smile:
I am not a lawyer, so I am not sure about this. I randomly choose this pircture:

It is published under CC BY-SA 3.0. Is the link to the license existent, if you link to the wikimedia page? Or is it necessary to incoorporate this link directly on the website?

I really like it! Good job!

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I added the link to the license and the link to the photo on the author’s name. The same way wikipedia does. I think it should be enough.
Great choose of picture. I was born not to far from there. (Agen pour être précis)

It looks promising! I also use WikiShootMe for this purpose.