OSM West Coast Updated Maps - Trip planning

We are going to a month long west coast trip (usa)
i tried a map from this sit :
to send my self a map , is that map is rout-able ? is it updated?

what is this? and does it contains rout-able updated Usa West Coas maps? :

i’m going to use Germin’s Gps, how good are OSM maps compared to “City Navigator® North America NT”
from official Germin’s site?

Thanks In advance.

wich germin device i should buy ? (fast, long battery life, accurate)

what about this :

and this :

and this:

wich considers the best?

what about:

looks good, is that route-able (meaning real time vocal directions??)
anyone tried that?

That map is routable and the date of the last update is show just below the slippy map.

Dave Hansen grabs the tiles (the squares as shown on the slippy map in the above link) and merges them into a complete map of the USA. So you can choose which source for the US you want. For large areas Dave’s map is handy.

Don’t know, but I’d think OSM will do pretty good in highly populated areas compared to the commercial products.

I think it depends mostly on the main usage. A car GPS requires other things that a handheld for cycling or hiking. A GPSmap 60 or 62 will be top for the latter.

Sorry, no idea.

If you have an old GPS, do not write it off yet. It may be possible to get fully up to date street maps - for life!

You may have heard about lifetime map updates but they are available at a great discount from Amazon. Here’s a link that will get you there:


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