OSM Welcome Tool not updaing for a long time

I would like to thank OSM Belgium for creating the OSM welcome tool and the OSMF Communication Working Group for maintaining it.

In the early days of the website, the list of new members was updated daily, but recently it hasn’t been updated for close to a week. When I checked to see if the same is true for other countries, I noticed that the countries/regions at the front of the list in alphabetical order have been updated recently, but those at the back have not been updated for a long time.

Is this by design, or some kind of bug?

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Hello @LuxuryCoop ,

I’ve been pretty busy these last few months and didn’t have the time to give the Welcome Tool the love it diserves :grin:

The update process is indeed running every day if everything goes according to plan but indeed apparently for some countries it seems to be failing.

I’ll try to have a look ASAP.

Thank you for your kind words!