OSM-Webapp tailored for mobile devices/cellular phones (WAP/WML)

Is there a web site (web application) for looking at the osm-maps that is especially tailored
for mobile devices (e.g. PDAs, ceullar phones), i.e. with small grafics and WML 2.0/XHTML Mobile Profile
instead of “ordinary” HTML?

Something similar to


(e.g. type in "shop" into "was/wer" [=what/who] and "68199" as zip-code into "Wo" [where])


There are lots of tools suitable for mobile devices:


In short no, there is no website that works 100%, which is done for mobiledevices.

There are implementations, that allow you to search for streets in openstreetmap (http://gazeteer.openstreetmap.org/) and that gives you a static image (the export tab). But nothing like what you link to.

It’s pretty trivial to do, but hard to do right, and keep running.

There is now a mobile web site optimized for mobile phone browsers (http://www.wapatlas.mobi).

It automatically detects country and supports gazetteer search.

It automatically detects the phone’s browser capatbilities in order to fit the screen size. This not only minimizes mobile data transmission but ensures that maps are presented pixel for pixel without any resizing maximising image clarity. Pan and zoom options are supported.

Selected menu pages include advertising but not the maps themselves.