OSM Visualization Issues

hi, I have a question about OSM visualization. I used the API v0.6 method to find the latest version of a particular road (e.g. id=x) to get the latitude and longitude of all nodes; and found that road (id=x) in the corresponding area from the (http://download.geofabrik.de/) website. Visualizing the two, I found that the node does not appear on the road, there is a certain position offset. How to solve this situation please

I’ve no idea what you are actually trying to do, but if you can give examples (“position of X according to Y is A; position of X according to Z is B”), and give the osm object id for X) then people might be able to help.

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Where do you load the data? A GIS Software?
What data from Geofabrik (osm format or shapefiles) ?

You may have wrong settings for the Spatial Reference System of one of the datasets.

Thanks, I didn’t express myself clearly, I now know what my problem is. It was caused by my poor understanding of the software.

A GIS Software.Thank you for your answer, it was caused by my lack of understanding of the software.