OSM View: secondary roads are fat

Viewing the maps in the browser (OSM View), on certain zooming levels (5th and 6th highest zoom level) the secondary roads look fat and are even thicker than primary roads and highways. Such maps really do not look nice … Any chance for the owner of the OSM-viewer to beautify the maps and make them look nicer ?

If you make a “mock up” show how you think it should look it will be easier for the people here who ahave little experience with the rendering software to understand what you mean. If you really want to make a diffrence then read on:

I’ve posted a small message about stylesheets for all renders if you want to change how things are rendered that’s the place to begin. Then you can try out your versions in the mapnik stylesheet editor that uses only Netherland data I think.

Post a ticket on trac (http://trac.openstreetmap.org/) in the correct component - Steve Chilton (who looks after the Mapnik stylesheet) doesn’t read the forum as far as I’m aware.