OSM used in maps of forest fire in Greece. Copyright?


Take a look at this fire disaster map http://www.disasterscharter.org/graphics/dis/CALLID_262/04_20090825_Greece_fires_burnt_areas_south_medium.jpg and the writing at its right. OSM data has been used to draw highways on this recent satellite picture.
The fun is that they called it World Street Map in the text! But the Datasource correctly spells openstreetmap.

There are series of similar pictures, in http://www.zki.dlr.de/applications/2009/greece/177_en.html and http://www.disasterscharter.org/disasters/CALLID_262_e.html, many of them also using OSM data.

May be be the OSM communitu can be proud of this data use, but I’m raising a question about the licence: if you look at the produced map, you’ll see that there is a copyright DLR 2009. Is this normal?
Couldn’t the community, in return, claim for using the satellite images?
What do you think?