OSM update/rendering frequency?

I feel that my edits in JOSM take much longer time to apply in OSM nowadays. After a couple of days, my edits does only show in the most and second most zoomed in level in OSM. Is this well known or how does it work for you?

Try refresh map with keys ‘Ctrl+F5’.

I´ve done that. I feel that tiles taker much longer time to be generated than some months ago. Don´t you feel the same?

Few days ago I did some changes in forest (I had added new paths). I saw changes on OSM next day morning, so I think it’s quite fast.

Did you see it i every zoom level next morning?

I made new changeset (https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/67685220) 30 minutes ago. Right now I see changes on all zoom level (13-19), so maybe you have some kind of bad luck…

In the Netherlands the rendertime is also bad.
48hours and no rendering at osm.org.
(include CTRL+F5 clearing cache)

Here are some basic facts about these problems, in case you’re interested: