OSM traffic jam data collection?

Google maps has a feature where one can view traffic jams on the map (below a screenshot). It’s called traffic or live traffic. This is a fantastic feature that I use every day and almost the only reason why I still use Google maps. But I’d rather use OSM if this feature where there.
It seems to me that OSM doesn’t have this feature at present.
In my opinion traffic jam data should collected by open systems because today every satnav manufacturer has it’s own collections system (more or less) and it IMO the data could be much more accurate if there would be only one source of data. Also I dislike the idea that I report my traffic jam (i.e. location) data to Google and they can track all of my moves.

OSM has a lot of users who could report their data to OSM and would be willing to (vs. deny reporting to Google). Maybe with a seperate app or integrated into OSM based apps (or both). It could also be useful to be able to report accidents to OSM (like the app Waze is doing).
Has this idea already been discussed here?