OSM Topographic or Elevation maps?

Hello. I am lookng for any topographic version of osm with elevation shows in colours. Does anyone know of a good version?

Also, I understand the challenges of using consumer level GPS devices’ less-than-accurate elevation data, but it does give a reasonable idea. Is such data being at all? Or is OSM getting some kind of SRTM data for elevation maps, if any?

For maps:
OpenCycleMap is one option. It has contour lines and hill shading. http://opencyclemap.org/
Note there’s a few other map styles on opencyclemap.org, you can select them using the layer switcher (+ symbol in the top-right). This includes “Landscape” and “Outdoors” styles, which also have contours.

Also Hike and Bike Map has hill shading, but not contours. http://hikebikemap.de/
Or TopOSM (USA only). http://www.toposm.com/us/

Elevation data is not usually added to OSM. Instead these maps use other sources, eg SRTM is probably the best free worldwide option. Or maybe ASTER, though I’m not sure if it is as good.

As you say, GPS elevation is often inaccurate. Plus its easy to record GPS tracks with elevation along the roads, but how do you get the areas in between? It would require a lot of off-road walking across hills etc.

in general, have a look at the OSM wiki about http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/SRTM

or search for SRTM, hillshade, contour, elevation etc at http://help.openstreetmap.org

Thanks. Checking out the links now…