osm tilt


Im developing an app and I use a map component
I can use several different tile server
I have setup and osm server and it’s working fine

But I need our map to be tilted

As I can see it’s not possible to do in osm

I can do it in web but I still need to request data from the
component like http://x.x.x.x/{Z}/{X}/{Y}.png

any suggestions

Best regards

Your exact problem is not clear to me …

I collected some links about similar topics, maybe they come near your aim?







thanks for your answer

not in a web browser
but the out from renderd need to show this
I need the tilt

That URL gives me a blank screen!

However, if you are after perspective views, that is the responsibility of the renderer not the map. OSM is not the bit mapped tiles, it is only the vector data from which they are generated. The bit mapped tiles are for the benefit of mappers and proof of concept use by developers; they are not provided for end users.

In any case, OSM doesn’t contain topography data; you would need to combine it with a topographical map.

Do you know about e.g. OSM Buildings: http://osmbuildings.org/?lat=52.52111&lon=13.40988&zoom=16

There is a link to the source code on that website


my problem is that I need mapnik to render my tiles with tilt

like osm buildings or like this

how ca I get to render the tiles like above
I can’t use mapview in browsers
I need the tiles to be rendered with another projection with tilt

Thanks for all your help

Mapnik is not part of OSM. I would imagine you would have to pre-distort its input coordinates.