OSM tile satellite picture ?

Hi every one,

I’m new on working with O.S.M. I’M using unity3d to parse geo data with Mapzen service, and i know how to get the real Tile (zone) picture token from the plan map but i want to get too the satellite picture ?

Please answer me

What exactly do you mean with “the satellite picture?”

What is the source of those pictures you want???

OSM does not offer any satellite pictures.

Hello ,thank you , there is two type of map the first one which contain colors and informations like this i can get it automatically by {zoom/x/y} parameters :


http://b.tile.openstreetmap.org/17/20711/44858.png // this link give us the following picture

FluxBB bbcode test

and i want to take the same real picture automatically took from satellite (the following is a manuel screenshot) i want to get this picture like what i did before throw code.

FluxBB bbcode test

please help me and thank you

OpenStreetMap is a volunteer project and generally speaking volunteers can’t afford satellites. They’re kinda expensive and it’s difficult to build one in your backyard.

If you need satellite imagery, you will need to get it from a source that isn’t OpenStreetMap.

Thanks richard, could you give me an other source to get image tile ?

Maybe you can find some source on http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Aerial_imagery ?

Make sure that you are allowed each source for your purposes, according to each licence!

And be aware:
The images from http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bing are only allowed to be used in the known OSM editors, not for displaying / publishing, IIRC.