OSM speech system does not use the correct sound channel


in former versions of OSM it was possible to stream music via bluetooth to the car’s audio system, while on the same time OSM announced its navigation instructions through the phone’s own speaker, when you set it to use the same channel as system messages. Now, this is no longer possible: the instructions are still streamed to the car’s radio. This is very strange, because normal system messages, like alarms or incoming messages, are not streamed to the car’s sound system.

This does not only stop the music being played unnecessarily, it also results in not hearing any routing instructions at all, if the car radio is set to FM mode with BT being inactive. Only if you turn of BT on the phone you will again hear the instructions.

I have experienced this on two different devices (Samsung and Motorola), running two different versions of LOS (14.1 and 16), using two different cars. The only thing those two devices have in common is the same version of OSM installed, the latest one available in the PlayStore.

Hi Wolfgang,

there is no “OSM” for Android. Which app do you have installed exactly?

I was talking about “Osmand+”. But I get the impression that I took the wrong turn and that this might not be the right forum to ask this question. This is one’s about OpenStreetMap, not any apps, isn’t it?

This Android subforum is also about apps making use of OpenStreetMap. I’m not expert on Osmand, though, and can’t help. You might want to try to change the title of the thread (edit your first post) to mention Osmand. If you don’t get help here, there is a Google Group about Osmand if I’m not mistaken.