OSM software for windows xp


I used OSM on a Ubuntu-Notebook, with TangoGPS and a USB GPS-Mouse. This works fine.

Now I would like to use the same on an windows xp notebook and a bluetooth gps mouse. What gps software should I use, which is similar to TangoGPS? I need the functions offline-map and the gps signal in the map.

Thank you


I have used OpenJUMP as a No-OSM solution which does not care if the data are from OSM or from some other source. Components which are needed are

GPS mouse should be usable right away if it creates a virtual serial port for you. I have been using Garmin eTrex Vista as a receiver by driving it through GpsGate client http://gpsgate.com/products/gpsgate_client. GpsGate is not free but you do not need to pay for it and it has been very reliable.

I warn you that OpenJUMP with GPS is not extremely nice yet. Some development may occur within next months. However, it works already and it shows that it is possible and easy to use OSM data from a database or from shapefiles together with other GIS data without importing everything into OSM main database first. In addition, vector data and georeferenced images can be used together as well as maps coming from WMS services.

Thank you, i try your solution in the next days

I dont know if my mouse creates a virtual serial port. With Ubuntu/TangoGPS works this mouse. I have: Jentro Active Pilot “BT-GPS-8”

If anybody have a other solution, you are welcome. :slight_smile:

Did you already have a look in the OSM wiki, for example at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Software/Desktop ?

Try to find Software that runs on WinXP, displaying position and ideally using offline vector data.

I would recommend Gosmore, Navit, Mapfactor Navigator free, NaviPOWM, gpsVP, etc.