OSM Slovenija Telegram kanal


pred dobrima dvema letoma, sem naredil Telegram kanal “Slo Buildings Import” za hitrejšo komunikacijo in pomoč mapperjem, ki so delali uvoz…

S časom se nas je nabralo ~10, teme so počasi iz “Building imports” prešle na splošno tematiko o OSM. Tako da sem se odločil kanal preimenovati v “OpenStreetMap Slovenija”, ki je dostopen na Telegram: Contact @osm_si

Pogosto je lažje razložiti stvar skozi tako obliko komunikacija, kot pa forum. Pa majhna/enostavna vprašanje je lažje postaviti v takšen kanalu, kot pa na forumu…

Nič, nebom dolgovezil, vsi ste dobrodošli da se nam pridružite.

Lep pozdrav,

Since OSM is an free and open source project I’d much prefer to keep communication on non-proprietary channels, too.

Proposals welcome. I am only aware of signal.org as a truly open source instant messaging platform, but unfortunately it lacks public groups that anyone can join (eg via a public link). Signal has private groups, but members have to reveal their phone numbers to join.

I believe Element is currently quite popular in the FOSS scene, but I don’t know a lot about it.

Please note, that this is not a new channel - it was created as a support channel in 2021 for the address import project and announced in the old forum:

Thus it predates this discourse forum (at the time there was only the old, somewhat rusty phpbb forum) and recent Russian invasion. It is not intended to replace other channels, just opening it up for chit-chat about other topics, not keeping it only for the address import efforts.

Note, that there is also a #slovenia channel in the OSM US slack, but due to lower adoption rate and not actively inviting anyone there it remained rather lonely. See List of OSM centric Slack workspaces - OpenStreetMap Wiki in OSM wiki.

Element looks promising, but i fear it has even lower adoption rate than both Telegram and Slack at the moment. :chicken: :egg: