OSM Shop/Building Name Display


If link doesn’t work, look at Kursaal Estate (Prospect Close, Kursaal Way, Arnold Avenue) Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom

Windmill Steps displays boldly at any zoom level on the OSM Map. Why does the rest of the blocks not do that?
For my Job, it helps to have these block names clearly seen, we have to zoom right in to see the others.

Is it a setting that can be adjusted somewhere? Very irritating!!

Hi Matt173,

It looks like Windmill Steps was added first & all the tiles have not been updated. However, when they have only some will be rendered because the labels overlap. OSM uses software called Mapnik which has a very sophisticated way of choosing which labels get shown at each zoom level. Most of the time it works well, but in some cases the automated choices are not what a human would choose. However we don’t try & game the algorithm because the map tiles get redrawn every time someone adds something.

BTW if these are apartment blocks I would not use name, but addr:housename for the block names as this is part of the address. This tag happens not to be rendered at lower zooms, so it would also avoid the issue of some of them appearing annoyingly at these lower zooms. I see that each block also has a housenumber on Kursaal Way (e.g., Coaster Steps is 61 Kursaal Way SS1 2ST) and appears to have 40 flats. The latter can be mapped using addr:flats=1-40 and addr:interpolation=all. This info will not show on the map but will allow the addresses to be found.