OSM rendering that shows ALL mapped features

Is anyone aware of a version/rendering of OSM that shows absolutely everything that is mapped (maybe like a wireframe view)?

I can’t find it in this list and know that every representation in that list including openstreetmap.org only shows some of the data in the OSM database.

Edit: Just to say, aware that for targeted areas this can be pulled up by opening in JOSM and downloading all or going into edit mode in iD, but a world slippy map is what I’m hoping might exist.

The data layer at https://www.openstreetmap.org might be your friend. E.g. OSM data layer


Fantastic, thank you so much @Spiekerooger! Exactly what I was looking for, slightly ashamed that it was always right in front of me at https://www.openstreetmap.org/ :smile:

There’s a map, quite technically involved, but with the goal showing as much data as possible:


Map-machine mentioned by @RicoElectrico is geared at rendering small regions, and probably not good for a “world slippy map”.

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For regions of OSM you can stand up a vector tile slippy map that has “everything” (this will drop features at lower zooms but have everything if you zoom in enouhg). Here’s one for all of Washington State that I update a couple of times a week. WAMap

And some notes here about what QA things I wanted to explore a bit: Demo: Full data vector tile map with basic filtering for QA