OSM registering in mapsource

I have problems using the map of Netherlands from Team-OID with mapsource. Zooming in and out will sometimes not redraw the screen or some tiles are completly empty.
So I tested a map from Lambertus, which works perfectly.
I looked into the registry and noticed the registry entry below the tree products. Team-OID writes the entry below the tree families.
Is this the problem?
What is the correct way in registering a self made osm map for using with mapsource under Windows XP?


I don’t know what causes the problem, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the registration of the maps. The reg values are purely to distinguish between different installed maps.

I doubt the problem is the registry - I suspect it is the map.

From what I know garmin has 24 overall zoom levels (effectively each zoom in/zoom out step) but a map can only contain a limited number of levels (something like 10 or thereabouts). When you zoom to a level not defined in a map itself the software then picks the closet level defined in the map to display and scales to fit the required zoom level. I suspect something goes wrong here and mapsource can’t find a map to use.

I’ve had problems with maps made using Mkgmap because Mkgmap seems to allow the style files to define lots of different zoom levels (called resolutions in mkgmap) and if you have more than the maximum of 10 (or thereabouts) then mkgmap doesn’t complain but garmin can’t display the maps correctly. It looked to me as if the default styles of mkgmap uses 11 or 12 resolutions (=11 or 12 zoom levels in the map), once I cut this down to 8 resolutions my problems with zooming in/out went away.