OSM Project


i have a project about OSM, and i need to build platform independent software which the users can save physical data’s, such as post box location, on the OSM map. the physical datas will be saved in database that can be reached via Internet. but i am pretty new on OSM projects. Also i did not work on open source projects until now, and i need some help on finding my way.

i am planning to use Java Netbeans on this projects, and the software is going to be used by mobile devices that includes integrated GPS device.

i know that i need to give some more information for accuracy but as i said, i am new on that kind of projects. i would like to hear some tips about it then i can try to explain it more and more.

thank you

Software that does things like you describe is already in existence. Are you sure you need to develop new software? Here is a comprehensive list of OSM compatible software.

Thank You lambertus,

this project is given to me by my supervisor. if this software is already written may be i can analyze it to extend its features. I need to talk with my supervisor first.

what is the exact name of this software which is already written before?

Just read the software list, there is a section about Mobile phones and Openstreetmap software, it’s not great software but I’m guessing lots of hours of work has gone into devloping them…

If you want to do this you have to decide what kind of hardware you want it to run on, e.g. should it be as cheap as possible or as user friendly as possible? The third category is “what ever is available for the developer”. GPS:es aren’t available on that many models so you options are abit limited.