OSM on nüvi: Weird freeway names, e.g. "Alan S Hart" instead of "I-80"

Hey gang, for my Garmin nüvi 760, I decided to try OpenMapChest’s North American map, but I’ve found that it uses archaic names for freeways, which don’t match the signage, which make it useless for driving.

For example, using the default basemap on my Garmin nüvi 760, “City Navigator North America NT 2009 ALL”, the names of freeways are useful and match signage, such as “Hwy 28” and “I-80 W”

  • Left on Hwy 28
  • Right onto I-80 W to Sacramento
  • 2nd Exit to I-80 W
  • Keep left on I-80 W

When I switch to the OSM map, “OpenMapChest Contiguous United States 2020.02.07”, the names of freeways and highways are useless and don’t match signage:

  • Left on N Lake Blvd
  • 2nd Exit to Alan S. Hart Freeway
  • Keep left on N Sacramento Beltline Freeway
  • Keep right on Luther E Gibson Freeway

Is there a way to get the freeway names to show up using their more common naming, like “Hwy 28” and “I-80”, instead of “Alan S. Hart Freeway”, “Luther E Gibson” freeway, “N Sacramento Beltline Freeway”?

I’m wondering if there is a toggle or detail level or something, that will force the maps to use the signed name (“I-80 W”) rather than archaic name (“Luther E Gibson Freeway”). Or perhaps I need to build my own maps and specify a flag or toggle to accomplish this? Or… perhaps this is an issue with using OSM or OpenMapChest for automotive navigation that doesn’t have any easy solution?

There is nothing that you can do to change the map. You should contact the creator of the map. It seems they prefer to show the name of the road instead of the ref.

Actually, I suspect in this case the data might be wrong.

The user who added that name has a history (see https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Freedom%20Editor/blocks ) of ignoring requests to engage with the rest of the community, and of using questionable names - see http://resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-discussion-comments?uid=1282393 for more info.

I know that wikipedia (which we can’t use as a source for OSM because the licence is not compatible) mentions the name at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_80_in_California , but I don’t remember any part of either I80 around Sacramento or Business 80 through it having that name, although it is a very long time since I last visited.

If the name’s wrong, then please do change the data in OSM, or if you’re unsure how to do that, try and describe in what way it’s wrong and I’m sure we’ll be able to find a volunteer to fix things.

Of course, if the road name really is that (even if people don’t often use the name) then what Gerd said is 100% correct - you’ll need to contact whoever made the map that you are using to ensure that the data that makes its way onto the device makes sense.

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