OSM on mobile

Hi all. I would like to get your opinion in my work.

My team works on a project right now with OSM map as part of the project. We hope that we could show OSM map and routing in mobile device as the add-on for the project. And since it’s an add-on, we target to re-use some existing free-source application in internet which should show the map on the mobile and do some basic routing on the map.

We have some findings about routing OSM map data in mobile:

  1. There are just few existing routing application for OSM map data, such as: pyRoute, Gosmore, GpsMid, Navit, etc.
  2. We focus on GpsMid, since it’s for mobile device. But later we found out that routing capabilities is still in experiment phase (refer to http://gpsmid.sourceforge.net/)).

Do you have any better suggestion to us for routing on OSM map data for mobile device?
Any similar application that you could suggest us to look through deeply?

Thank You.

You may check roadmap_editor, but it will take some effort to convert a badly structured osm XML
dump into the postgis schema used by roadmap:

Easy ways to use Openstreetmap on small devices is a pretty low activity area, so anything you do would be interesting.

What exactly are you doing?