OSM on mobile devices

Hey guys I am working in a team to update our school’s map, which uses OSM, to work with mobile devices. Has there been any official support for this or has anyone done something like this? Any help would be appreciated

Please tell us first what devices you are using in detail. Or find out the fitting software to use by investigating the right pages in the OSM wiki:

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Software → Mobile Devices

e.g. you can choose to display the map in bitmap tiles or realtime vector rendering, and so on …

When there are questions or trouble to a certain application, don’t hesitate to ask here for detailes help.

There are already some mobile web maps that are optimized for mobile devices (e.g. no JavaScript). Would this do the job?

We are most likely just going to make a mobile version of the website and are looking for compatibility with ios, android, and blackberry currently.

My group will definitely look at some of those, thanks!

one solution you should look at is http://khtml.org because it is said to have a special mode for mobile devices an finger gestures.

Yes there are a lot of client applications for the different plattforms I don’t think it’s a good idea to start a new one from scratch :confused:

But there might be good chance to find a aspect of a single app that you might improve during the time?