OSM Notes around the Tehran Node

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Since the beginning of this year, I have been running a bot that deals with OSM Notes.

One of the bot’s tasks is to search for duplicate notes ((location and description) and close them if necessary. The idea for this came from @Mateusz_Konieczny , thank you very much.

As you may already know in Iran (see), there are some of these.
Recently, I noticed 280 notes on the OSM node of the capital Tehran.

Are you aware of this accumulation? If so, are you doing anything about it, or is there any way I can help?

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I am running tool-assisted note cleanup that among other things closes some obviously pointless onosm.org notes.

This includes closing clearly misplaced onosm.org notes, including several hundred placed at Iran place node (see say Note: 4076870 | OpenStreetMap ), but also at several other points where notes are grouped in significant numbers.

Currently I manually review all closures, but I am considering proposing it as unsupervised bot edit (and would be really happy if someone else would do this, maybe also for notes containing solely “site” or “SITE” text that are surprisingly often created).

Iran in general has huge volume of low quality onosm.org notes, at some point someone (not me) closed 60 000 notes across country due to huge volume of onosm.org notes of dubious usefulness.

See also We don't need anonymous notes

From looking at https://resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-notes-country?c=Iran it seems that volume of this onosm.org notes is increasing. I have no idea how to reach whoever is doing it and how to convince to contribute in more productive way.

In general awareness that some shop is not mapped is very rarely bottleneck. Even in well mapped areas with multiple local mappers onosm.org notes are rarely useful, at least that is my experience from processing notes in my area. And completely misplaced onosm notes definitely should be just closed.


I wish Iran community had their own sub-forum here instead of relying on Telegram channel where they did not let me in. I know that less developed countries have a community with a greater percentage of mobile-only users, but Discourse is already mobile-friendly.

OpenStreetMap (and enable note display)

This stack of green bubbles represents notes closed within 14 days at Iran country node.
Retrieving all through API, without limiting to last 14 days, results in a crashed response.

Not sure what kind of misunderstanding results in producing such piles of notes, for many years.

Note: 4075852 | OpenStreetMap is the red one, next heavily misplaced anonymous onosm.org note.

See also Too easy to create notes without setting a location · Issue #103 · osmlab/onosm.org · GitHub

Sorry, I completely forgot to mention this in the original post:
The task of closing duplicate OSM notes is an idea or suggestion from you @Mateusz_Konieczny.

Thank you very much!

to be exact, I proposed doing it specifically with big piles of onosm.org notes at single location (I would not do this with other notes)

Is there a difference somewhere to other notes with identical location and text
that I’m currently overlooking?

I think that group of say 100 onosm.org notes at city node can be closed as not useful also if text is unique for each as they are clearly misplaced and other provided info is also highly dubious

Here’s a theory of how they might be getting created:

https://www.onosm.org/ first asks where your business is located. It then tries to geocode whatever you type.

If it doesn’t find it (I tried it with 123 Doesn’t Exist Street, Tehran, Iran), it says: “We couldn’t find your address. Try searching for your street or city without the address.”

If you do as suggested and put the city name, then click continue, it’ll put the note where the place node is.

It does say “Click and drag the marker on your business place position” but that doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t let me move the marker.

Sounds like an issue for Issues · osmlab/onosm.org · GitHub


opened Moving marker seems broken · Issue #134 · osmlab/onosm.org · GitHub


DWG get quite a few complaints raised from Iran to say “This Note is wrong!” but with no other explanation, then when we ask for further details, it’s pretty rare to get any further response.

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I deleted a note in Ireland that was in Farsi and had no connection to Ireland.

We see similar in Australia from time to time.

One I deleted last week was for a Market, that also had an address listed as being in West Azerbaijan!

some changes were applied to onosm code, fixing report problem (


Hopefully it will reduce volume of unhelpful notes.

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