I have a database that contains coordinates (location_id, location, log, lat) and I want to display all these points on openstreetmap

thank you for orienting me

Please check if uMap suits your needs.

Cross-posted here: https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/61773/osm-mysql


Also, I would like to add some SQL queries and show the results on the map ( not only show data on the map)

thanks in advance

Example :


Hello didou90.

In the example map you linked, there is a link in the lower right corner “leaflet” that links to leaflet project.
In leaflet project search for the tutorial “Interactive Choropleth Map”

You cannot show the result of an SQL directly on a map.
You will need to use a framework such as Leaflet do display map tiles with our own content.

Your content can be retrieved with e.g. a Ajax call to your server. There you will have Java / PHP / C … programming running that respond to the Ajax call with the answer of your SQL query. The program could e.g. transform the SQL result in geoJson.

Sorry that I do not give you links to all those technologies, but it depends on your knowledge.