OSM Maps tiles missing when opened from Australia

I am residing in Australia and my website uses OSM however the past few days when the world map is opened large sections of tiles are blank. If I zoom in the map appears though. If the map is opened from an overseas location the map opens perfect. Can anyone assist please

I have noticed this too with a few apps that display the osm and another forum member is seeing the same in Venice.

https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Platform_Status is where the Platform Status is listed and I believe the ‘status’ column is manually entered so I normally would select a separate ‘Pingdom’ link to see the real time status.
But the pingdom link appears to be replaced by a link at this text “OpenStreetMap Uptime / Status report (third-party performance report)” and that gives an insecure connection warning for me and will not connect. So no assistance there.
When you select the ‘Tile’ server stats you see a page of graphs that look ok to an untrained eye.

When a similar thing has happened in some previous times I have noticed it to be due to a new release of Carto map rendering where a large amount of tiles have to be rendered due to charges in the map style and this takes quite a few days to return to normal but have no seen any such info this time.
I guess it will be sorted on Monday when full staff compliment returns.

You should check if you are retrieving the files with https. we redirect from http to https now and there is some (one could argue broken) software that has issues with that.


A couple of example sites using https:

I am noticing the problem on the main osm web site https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/-27.2219/153.0322
I see a few different grey tiles at nearly all zoom levels.

On Simon’s WhoDidIt site https://simon04.dev.openstreetmap.org/whodidit/?zoom=12&lat=-27.19668&lon=152.96101&layers=BTT&user=-nevw&age=6%20hour I see a few pink tiles.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and we tested on different computers in different geographical states and the problem seems to be across the board. Thanks Nevw for the update and hopefully a few days will see everything return to normal

Not sure what happened today but the maps have suddenly returned to normal for us. Many thanks to the person/s at OSM who seem to have resolved the issue.


On my site I have some maps of OSM. I read there are some problems with it. And read by someone are the problems solved
I have look around, but I see that the OSM maps on my site isn’t solved yet. On my maps are somtimes missing the tiles.

Big improvement during the day for me.

Serving the tiles using https seems a bad idea to me, as it means that they cannot be cached by anything except the browser. That, and the cost of implementing encryption, will increase the load on the tile servers.

There’s no objection for HTTPS in the sense of caching. Cloud-based websites simply implement a lot of endpoints (the servers the users communicate with) close to the locations of most users. The servers don’t use HTTPS internally to retrieve the data from the central servers and can thus cache normally. It means that caching is still limited to the servers in the same endpoint, but that isn’t a big problem opposed to no caching at all (as most users will use OSM to look at local maps, and will thus help each other out). Services like Google, Netflix, Akamai and such all use this workflow. I think it’s even hard to find any big web service that uses HTTP nowadays unless they specifically need it somehow.

Just to avoid confusion: that is a different Simon.

I can’t imagine that OSM has the resources to operate large numbers of local servers.

What used to happen is that, because people abused caching metadata, most ISP caches would assume that images were actually fairly stable. That would mean that map tiles would get cached very close to the end user, although it would also mean that the end user was likely to get stale tiles. If you go to a server pool, controlled by OSM, the traffic the donors has to pay for goes up greatly.