OSM Maps on demand for Magellan Triton!


It has now come true! Magellan Triton Users now can create their own OSM map of any region of the world with three clicks on the fly.
All they need is the online application RMP Creator, developped by Picco.

RMP Creator: http://www.picosaan.de/app/tritonrmp.jnlp (you need the Java runtime installed)

Start the RMP Creator, select the plugin “OSM Rasterkartendienst” and the OSM renderer you want (OSM Cycle Map, Mapnik or Osmarenderer), zoom to the area you want your map, select the Levels you want to have in your up to 4-Level raster map and click “Ausführen”…

Some seconds/minutes (depending on the size) later you have the map on your PC.
Copy it on your Triton SD card and you are ready to go!
(Triton 200 and 300 users can transfer it via Vantage Point)

Happy mapping!


Cool. The interface seems to have English translations too actually. I’ve pasted these instructions into the wiki here:


That’s so good and important for the Magellan Triton to create their own map for any region. i really like this idea and i think one of the good developed application by the Picco.