OSM maps of Luxembourg on Garmin


I need some help.

I have put some OSM maps on a SD card in my Zumo 595 lm. NLD, BEL, GER, FRA. They all work fine. I renamed all files in osm-***.img.
I did the same with LUX. Sadly Luxemburg is not working. I tried the normal and the new style with no succes. I even tried putting only LUX on the SD but also no succes.

All files are shown on the SD card in a file manager. Alle the maps are visible in JaVaWa. LUX however is not in the list of maps in the Garmin so i can not select and use it?!

The question is is there something wrong with the file, am I doing something wrong, tell me?!

I hope someone can show some light here.

Please post a question on “Garmin maps” sub-forum - and include a link to the website you downloaded the Garmin maps from. (there are a few of them, not all being equal).