OSM mapping in Malaysia ...

Hi all. A few of us have started mapping in Malaysia. I would really appreciate some expert eyes giving a once over on what we’ve done. I’ve been concentrating in Klang area here http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=3.0361&lon=101.4471&zoom=14&layers=B00FTF .

There are at least two other Mapping community forums in Malaysia, http://www.malsingmaps.com and http://www.malfreemaps.com , but they concentrate on mapping for Garmin compatible devices using GPSMapEdit MP source format.

I think this would be the best forum for us Malaysian mappers to discuss and coordinate our mapping. However, I’m not sure whether this is the correct sub-forum for it. Do point me to the correct one if I missed it. :slight_smile:

Well If there is a lot of traffic we may even justify a Users:Malaysia sub-forum … :sunglasses:

Have been a bit addicted to playing with OSM this week:

  • I’ve uploaded my tracks for Bukit Meru & Taman Meru (http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=4.65441&lon=101.06572&zoom=15&layers=0B00FTF) up in Ipoh but they look very lonely right now. I will be going there for the Raya hols so hopefully will at least be able to join it to the NS highway.
  • I notice the NS highway after rawang has a “FIXME” tag. Is this due to it just being a single track? I will try and track both ways if I can keep to middle lane all the way.
  • Have also been uploading a bits and pieces of bukit rahman putra.
  • Did quite a bit of stuff for SS1, PJ.
  • Just did some of the major roads joining Sprint, Seksyen 16, Seksyen 14, SS2 and Seksyen 22.


hey there…i had been trying to find a osm malaysia community forum.

Is there any guide on how to set highway type in malaysia? I not sure how to differentiate secondary and tertiary.Is kampung road consider 2nd or 3rd??

I know nyem http://forum.openstreetmap.org/profile.php?id=654 who is doing mapping in malaysia too.

Hi feiming

You may (or may not!) remember me from mfm forum. I’m quite new here too (about 3 months) and have been mapping Sungai Petani and Seberang Perai area. Glad to see you here!

You can look here for what nyem has defined for road classification

The classification is not complete, but at least there is some thing to start you off.

For kampung roads, there isn’t any classification that resembles it. For me, I use highway = living_street. The reason - it has lesser routing priority compared to highway = residential and when Mapnik renders the roads, they are shown in light grey (visually and intuitively conveys the meaning of low priority roads).

Good to have you here too.However,i believe living_street are not available in potlatch

ARUNA_Paul is leaving a lot useless POI node point on road at 3.1649927 / 101.61295. How to report on a user?

Any tag you like is available in Potlatch. Select the way. If it already has a highway tag, then edit it to say living_street. If it doesn’t already have a highway tag, click the + sign in the bottom right, then enter highway as the key and living_street as the value. But do check first that the road matches the description on the wiki for living streets:

It’s not him; it’s this bug: http://trac.openstreetmap.org/ticket/2700

oh…no wonder there’s so many weird POI around

Guys,Genting Court Condo at 3.1964713/101.7112
what should i put for Amenity and Place?

Feel free to delete them. Just be careful and make sure they’re entirely untagged.

Any OSM routable Garmin Map for Malaysia?It would be easier to know which area are not mapped yet.

Sure, like this one. :slight_smile:

any easier way to select them?

You can use JOSM’s validator plugin.


download malaysia extract

Hi, is there any tracklogs donator for Sandakan,Sabah area?

you can trace it using bing. But you need to tag source=Bing. (This is OSM policy) http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bing#OpenStreetMap_on_the_Bing_Maps_platform

Hi, I think I will do some mapping around KL area…cheers