OSM mappers get-together

We’d love to see your faces and discuss OSM in Israel in person.
We’re having a meeting on Sept 11 at 19:00 at the Weizmann Institute (Fineberg building class C).
Everybody is welcome!

Guy, Harel & Zeev from Israel Hiking Map.


Is this building exists on OSM? Can’t find it in Nominatum and visually.
Also, AFAIR entrance into the Weizmann campus is restricted, will gate guard be notified about event?

This is co-ordinated with security of course.
It appears in OSM as “מדרשת פיינברג”
Hope to see you!

Direct link: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/82529002

Any of you might come?

I will.

נפגשים ביום שני!
אנא הרשמו או הסירו את שמכם מרשימת המשתתפים כדי שאוכל לעדכן את רשימת הנכנסים בשער המכון.

how was it?

I think it was very useful, but I’m prejudiced.
A few more beginner mappers than I expected, but I gave them a separate crash-course in mapping on iD.
Some collaborations may also come out of it.