OSM map on an iPhone


How can I display an OSM map in an iPhone app?
Is there an open API or something I can use to read/display the map ?

Also, will this work with CloudMade map of Norway? Or do I have to extract that myself from planet.osm ?



Lots of info about this in the wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/IPhone

Btw. there is iphone application that will load OSM tiles to be used as map data. Don’t recall the name though as I don’t own iphone, just saw my friend showing the app.

There are a few iPhone apps that use OSM.


This is a basic browser for OSM maps. It claims batch download for offline use. I have not tried this yet.
Seems simple and fast. I can’t get it to clear the cache yet though.


Designed more as an offline OSM viewer. Works well and nice cache control.
It’s not showing edits I have made over the last few days though.

MotionX GPS

More than a viewer. This app will act as a good GPS using the 3G and 3GS iphone. It can track, trip counter etc. All the usual Garmin type things.
It uses OSM with a nice cache feature for use when there is no signal and also uses Google maps as an option.

These can all be found from the app store in iTunes. Use the titles as a search.

There are quite a few more apps that do similar things which I haven’t tried yet or didnt like.

One thing I have noticed when using any iPhone app to make a track. If I make a waypoint the app will usually prompt for a name etc. for the waypoint. This is fine, but whilst this name prompt is displayed it seems to stop logging. Doesn’t seem very good at multitasking. I stick to my Garmin 60CSX for logging. If I set that to track at 1 sec intervals. Thats what it does. Doesn’t matter what else the GPS is doing.

Check out the full version of Wikimap. It allows users to save open street maps (OSM) for offline map navigation and browsing. It also allows submission of new points and images which can be automatically shared to other wikimap users. Each waypoint marker correponds to a wiki page in Wiki.Alumni.NET.