OSM map 500 - Internal Server Error

is it just me
I’m getting an
500 - Internal Server Error
when I open the OSM map?

No, it happened to me too the last few days.

its working for me now ,perhaps a temporary server issue.

I’m new to OSM and am just trying to look around with JOSM. I’ve successfully installed it following the directions at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=499978, and have tried several times to download some data to play with in sandbox fashion. However, when I do, I get this same 500 - internal server error. Does this mean that the server is down frequently? I would appreciate any advice you can give, as I’m ready to contribute but frustrated by this problem. Thank you!

Hi just tried, and worked fine (Windows XP and JOSM). Is it possible that the download area is too large. Have you tried a smaller area.

PS: JOSM only modifies the OSM database when you upload and say yes when the asked. Reasonable fool proof.