OSM Localisation

I know way to localisation for Links of LeftSideBar.
When translating messages with wfMsg(), it is not always clear what should be considered UI messages and what should be content messages. For example, for the English Wikipedia, there should be only one ‘mainpage’, so when getting the link for ‘mainpage’, we should treat it as site content and call wfMsgForContent(), but for rendering the text of the link, we call wfMsg(). The code behaves this way by default. However, sites like the Wikimedia Commons do offer different versions of ‘mainpage’ and the like for different languages. This array provides a way to override the default behavior.
In accordance with http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg, it need change only one string in ‘’‘LocalSettings.php’‘’ file. But never edit DefaultSettings.php; copy appropriate lines to LocalSettings.php instead and amend them as appropriate. String:
$wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg = array();
inside ‘LocalSettings.php’ file need change to
$wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg = array( ‘mainpage-url’, ‘portal-url’, ‘mapfeatures-url’, ‘helppage’ );
Anybody can you do it?