OSM layer over Google Maps

Hello folks!
I know, new member on forum, and already a question :smiley:
If anybody can help with suggestion or piece of code, it would be much appreciated :smiley:

Basically, i have a Wordpress theme that uses Google Maps for displaying properties on a map, and i was wondering how can i add OSM map layer over it?
Here is the URL http://goo.gl/wFu0e (first city from the dropdown menu).

Google Maps hasnt scaned my country properly, so there are not street names on the map, so i could really use the help…

Again, sorry for asking without introducing myself, but im in a pretty hurry… :\

There is an wiki page with examples how to embed OSM maps using the Google Maps API:


Does this help?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:
Well, it does and doesnt help, to be honest :smiley: I checked it and played around with it a bit, but this is example for static HTML page :slight_smile:

I dont have slighest idea what to change on my WP theme…