OSM keeps vanishing from Garmin Edge 810

Hey all

I recently got a Garmin Edge 810 and downloaded some of the OSM on to a microSD as recommended by creating a “Garmin” folder then dragging and dropping the unzipped file inside there. Loaded it all up on to my Garmin ok, can see it all and even went out for a 40 mile rest ride with a route I created on Garmin connect. Now, all this is well and good until I then plug the microSD back into my computer or the garmin unit itself back into the computer and then when I next load it back up the OSM map has vanished and when I go to the map screen it shows my little triangle with white all around. This is then solved by putting the microSD back into my computer, deleting the image file and re-dragging and dropping it back into the “Garmin” folder.

I am just being really stupid somewhere or should this not happen? I was lead to think that each time I create a route/course I put into the ‘new files’ folder on my microSD instead of the Garmin device instead to avoid any ‘loss of maps if Garmin crashes issues’ whilst out and about and in order to do this I need to hook the card up to the computer but it is a real pain having to delete and reload the OSM maps each time.

Any advise/ideas?

Thanks in advance.

This should not happen.
Maybe your SD card is defective, format it or try another SD card?
You can check if there are map conflicts with Javawa Device Manager
If there is no map visible, first check if the map is visible in the map selection menu and if it is activated, and make sure there are no other maps activated (except for the base map, which is ok).