OSM Impact Calculator | Made a tool that calculates the economic value of mapper-contributions

That’s what is called “The curse of the mapper” … the more you have mapped over the years, the bigger is the cash loss at the end of the day … :laughing:

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yes, I also found the hours are too high. I have checked with an account for which I know how many hours I have spent and the actual hours were 13.5% of the amount estimated by your app.

More like unrealized potential, and unexpectedly getting my feelings hurt by a stat.

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I’ll update your vocabulary from “gimmick” to “marketing” first. As someone who build stuff, I like to do things that get eyeballs, and I market them using a bunch of methods.
But I get your point.
However, if the purpose of the tool was recruiting only; I would’ve made you download my app or use it before doing anything. I did not. I made the tool and put in a small advert for my own product on it.
Since I own the domain, the server and am basically building and running the thing; I feel I have a right to do that.

But thanks for checking it out and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. :slight_smile:

Can you share the data for that ? .
Hours to Edits relationship - That might help improve the calculations.

Maybe. Maybe not.
Lmk if you wanna see even a small chunk of it.

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

I have answered in private

Beats working IT, so sure.

Will you be using the email addresses you collect to send marketing emails regarding your product Proto which you frame in your blog post as the next frontier after OSM due to “its core model (that) might be too outdated for the world we live in” and challenges “in keeping up with advancements in AI, ML, and remote sensing technologies” as “evident in the network infrastructure upgrades that were necessary due to the limitations of their previous Cisco Small Business equipment, moving towards using Juniper equipment for better security and performance”?

Clearly, it was a mistake for us to focus so much time “extend(ing) chef test kitchen tests to support modern Apple Silicon machines”. Not sure what we were thinking there. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for that. Glad you read the blog. Hope you read the rest of it too about monetization and other licenses.

“Will I be using the email addresses you collect to send marketing emails ?”
Well really it’s my domain so I don’t see the reason to answer that. But I will.
To send marketing emails to people (whether through a mass mailing service or other marketing tools), you need express consent. Something I have not asked for. So I can’t and won’t send marketing emails through that.
But if I do find someone interesting, or someone who is interested; I might reach out in a personal capacity to ask them for feedback, share more about what I am working on or just talk.

I appreciate you answering the question and for taking the ribbing in stride. Your OSM Impact Calculator is admittedly a pretty neat and creative idea to create interest and awareness of Proto.


Thanks. Appreciate it.

I am outraged at this blatant attempt of talking OSM’s volunteer mappers into spending their time on something less altruistic instead. You message to OSM mappers is: “You could have earned this much money with your contribution” - which is a total fabrication, as in: your commercial endeavour will never even remotely be able to pay this much to mappers - but it might just succeed in poisoning the community spirit.

Had thinking like yours been around when OSM started, it would never have gotten off the ground. If your greed model were to supplant OSM’s way of mapping today, everyone would stop mapping what they value, and instead map what the businesses bankrolling the game want.

We have enough greed and “monetization” in our society already. And I am appalled at your shameless attempt to convert volunteer OSM mappers to corporate mapping drones. What you are doing is not something that benefits OSM in any way, but something that threatens to undermine OSM for the sole purpose of turning a profit for your business.

Go away.


Hi Friend,
I am sorry you feel that way.
I guess it might be good to introduce you to life in some lesser developed / formerly colonized parts of the world where we don’t share the same luxuries as the west. (free healthcare, high paid jobs or just a generally higher standard of living).
I feel that in the context where I live; if people are asked spend their time on something, which requires expertise, then it is extremely fair to compensate them (cause the other way hasn’t worked too well for us). And even a small amount of compensation will go a long way will improve lives.

Regarding the claims: Nowhere, I repeat nowhere do we claim the we or anyone will pay mappers the amount mentioned in the tool. What we do say however is “Something is definitely better than nothing”.

It’s naive to think that the desire to earn for your labour is “greed”. Whereas in fact as far as I know it’s just the reality.
And while on the question of turning a profit for my business, Yes. We are not going to apoligize for wanting to run a business that turns a profit. We are however proud of the fact that we pay our mappers and don’t expect them to spend their time and effort for no compensation.

I am not going away however because of a disagreement. And I would recommend you search deeper for why a strangers tool and comment has impacted you so much that it led to “outrage”.

Cheers, stay safe. And maybe relax. :slight_smile:

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I typed my email address and username into the site and it said my net worth is “Network Error”.

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I share a lot of feelings with Frederik although i wouldnt be that harsh. OSMs value is not its data but its volunteers.

I dont buy the argument about lesser developed parts of the World. If your wages are lower, the economic value of map data is lower. So telling people in economically less powerful regions about economic value, with rates of the highest paid areas of the world and than overexagerating the value by orders of magnitude is a blatant lie or populism.

I am a Linux only guy since 1993, and OSM since 2007 - Both of these topics are Open Source/Free Software/Public Domain whatever you call it. Contributing back to these Projects is called Altruism. Its not driven by personal economic advantage or value.

So i accuse you of trying to divide the OSM community on purpose and harm OSM to the core.


Thank you for sharing your opinion. Appreciate your civility and respectful comments.

“I am a Linux only guy since 1993, and OSM since 2007 - Both of these topics are Open Source/Free Software/Public Domain whatever you call it. Contributing back to these Projects is called Altruism. It’s not driven by personal economic advantage or value.”

That’s excellent, and that’s your choice. All we’re doing is presenting another choice, it is for individuals to decide what they want to do. I am not coercing or forcing anyone. You choose to be altruistic, expecting that everyone do so, even those who might not be in a position to do so is probably called autocratic (I’m not sure, there might be a better word). And similarly accusing those who do not do so of bad intentions or taking a stance of moral superiority might not be correct (again, who am I to judge. although you just did)

“If your wages are lower, the economic value of map data is lower.”
Our compensation mechanisms are reliant on building multiple streams instead of a singular stream of income. Happy to explain more if you’re interested in learning about what we do, and not accusing us.

“So i accuse you of trying to divide the OSM community on purpose and harm OSM to the core.”
Well that’s your opinion, and thanks for sharing that. Frankly you might be assigning too much importance to us.
We have no such intentions. If we did, I wouldn’t be here sitting and answering every single comment, whether those were sarcastic, accusatory or straight up trolling. I’d also like to point out that despite that reception, I have neither resorted to name calling, accusing or even generally poor behavior.
The intention is to speak, discuss, engage, share. Not divide, detract, harm or even mildly affect.

took it down to fix something. should be back up now.

I keep getting: “Error: Request failed with status code 500” message.