OSM Impact Calculator | Made a tool that calculates the economic value of mapper-contributions

Hey all,
New here. Made a tool that calculates the economic value of mapper-contributions

The OSM Impact Calculator enables users to quantify the economic impact of their mapping contributions in their local context. The tool is inspired from Pascal Neis’s work on HDYC.

Much like HDYC the calculator requires your OSM username to get started. It then asks for your mapping locale, which aids in adjusting currency and costs relevant to their region, providing a comparative metric. You can select between two valuation methods,

  1. Wages based or Time Spent: This approach estimates the total value of your edits based on the national median wage and total hours spent mapping. It emphasizes the extent of a your efforts but does not capture the diversity or actual impact of the work. This method is suitable if you wish to understand the time-equivalent monetary value of your mapping contributions.

  2. Edits based or Number of Edits: Alternatively, this method calculates a standard Value Per Edit using market values of map data, guided by a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) system. This provides a market value estimate of your efforts but does not account for variations in the individual contribution value. It’s ideal for users who are interested in a market-based assessment of their contributions.

Note: Estimates between these two methods of valuation might vary widely. This variance is due to factors such as location-specific economic conditions, PPP adjustments, and the inherently diverse nature of map-data contributions.

Here’s a link : https://osm.protomap.xyz/

I’ll make a GitHub link available soon (need to edit some stuff still) and it would then be great if others can share different ways to measure impact which can be incorporated (not just monetary, but I am thinking like Net Change Created or maybe something else)


I didn’t get very far with this, because I’m not (and I suspect lots of other mappers are not) going to submit my e-mail address to a random Internet site. Please switch to allowing authorisation via the OSM display name.


Hey so sorry you faced that.
Get your concern, but hosting the thing and processing all that data takes cloud credits and no email-gating leaves me open to bots. I am working to add in firebase.
OSM display name authorization doesn’t help in that.
You’re welcome test it out once firebase is up and running.

How? I would say it’s a stronger form of gating than e-mail. To be clear, we’re talking about “log in with OSM” button.



Oh this is good. I can use this. Thanks.


You can enter anything you can think of as an email address, it will not be verified - so the barrier is not really there.

Was implementing firebase for that reason , but moving to the OSM Auth thing now.


The styling looks very nice!

Maybe you could change “OpenStreetMaps” to “OpenStreetMap”:

And i don’t know how you calculate this, but i think that this is a bit more than the actual hours i have in OSM :grimacing: :person_shrugging:

Thank you.
Trying out a couple of different methods to calculate this.
The problem is that change sets are so large; it’s hard to iterate heavily using them. So I am iterating while it’s public.

… have you ever wondered about other opportunities?

With Proto, you can take your mapping skills to new heights and explore avenues for monetizing your valuable contributions. …

Ok thanks for letting me know.

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This is a nice gimmick, thanks for that. Nevertheless i would appreciate if you would make it quite clear in your post that beneath offering your tool you would like to recruit mappers for your proto map project, just for the sake of transparency.


Sadly I’ll probably never see any of that $1,206,003.24…

That’s what is called “The curse of the mapper” … the more you have mapped over the years, the bigger is the cash loss at the end of the day … :laughing:

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yes, I also found the hours are too high. I have checked with an account for which I know how many hours I have spent and the actual hours were 13.5% of the amount estimated by your app.

More like unrealized potential, and unexpectedly getting my feelings hurt by a stat.

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I’ll update your vocabulary from “gimmick” to “marketing” first. As someone who build stuff, I like to do things that get eyeballs, and I market them using a bunch of methods.
But I get your point.
However, if the purpose of the tool was recruiting only; I would’ve made you download my app or use it before doing anything. I did not. I made the tool and put in a small advert for my own product on it.
Since I own the domain, the server and am basically building and running the thing; I feel I have a right to do that.

But thanks for checking it out and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. :slight_smile:

Can you share the data for that ? .
Hours to Edits relationship - That might help improve the calculations.

Maybe. Maybe not.
Lmk if you wanna see even a small chunk of it.

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

I have answered in private