Osm Gpx Api trackpoint list does not contain elevation attribute. Why?

Hi there,
I’m currently working on a project where I am trying to use the elevation of the GPS-tracks to derive height related information.
I wanted to use the OSM-Gps-traces. When I request the API, I get a list of trackpoints within a specified bounding box, but unfortunately without elevation information. Only for tracks, which have been uploaded as Identifiable, I can retrieve the original gpx file from the given URL.

I know that the user-related information can not be requested because of privacy reasons, but do you know why the elevation attribute is not part of the track list?
Do you know, who I can contact with this issue, to ask whether it is possible to add the elevation information to the tracklist.

Thanks for your hints in advance.

PS: I do know about the planet gpx dump and use it as well, but unfortunately it is pretty much outdated (August 2013).

The only result I found when searching this topic is