OSM generic routable(AND) / Osm_generic_windows.exe load into BaseCamp


I installed Garmin BaseCamp on my pc.
Also I download Osm_generic_windows.exe from OpenstreetMap (website).

How get Openstreetmap map (Netherlands) into BaseCamp.
BaseCamp find no usable file-type.
When I try to install Map (Kaart) … program asks/searches for “device” … but I have no Garmin device.

Standard: BaseCamp now shows very simple map without details.

I only want do create + edit tracks / routes on my pc en copy them to android (Osmand) … visa versa.

You have to run the exe file in Windows and do not open Basecamp.

Hi Fredk50,

What ligfietser means is that Basecamp must not be running while you do the installation. After the install completes, then you may open Basecamp to look at your map.

AlaskaDave + ligfietser … OK … that works!:slight_smile:

I expected an layout like OpensteetMap but BaseCamp shows his own format-layout.
Can I change that to OpenStreetMap layout in some way?

Yes, the generic map has a “mapnik” typ file. Or else try the generic new, both layouts are better than the garmin default look.

Thanks … It Works!