OSM Foundation Annual General Meeting on 10 December 2022 and election to board (2 Board 2 Mappy)

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The next annual general meeting (AGM) of the OpenStreetMap Foundation will take
place online on Saturday, 10 December 2022 at 16:00 UTC, unless rescheduled.

Time in different time-zones


Board election

This meeting will have a board election, with three seats available
(of Eugene Alvin Villar, Jean-Marc Liotier and Tobias Knerr). Meanwhile
the terms of Amanda McCann, Guillaume Rischard, Mikel Maron and Roland
Olbricht continue. There are seven seats on the OSM Foundation board.

Voting for the board election will start one week before the annual
general meeting.

Suggested timeline

The suggested timeline is at

Board candidates

The submission of self-nominations for the board election

  • will start on the 15th of October and
  • will end on the 22nd of October 2022, at 23:59 UTC.

The page Foundation/AGM2022/Election to Board - OpenStreetMap Wiki
has the eligibility criteria and information about what the board is/is not,
rules and responsibilities, and how to nominate yourself. You might want
to consider running or suggesting to someone else to run.


The submission of questions to board candidates

  • will start on the 12th of October and
  • will end on the 1st of November 2022, at 23:59 UTC.
    The official set of questions to the candidates will be based on the questions
    by members and on past questions. Mike Collinson will facilitate this part of the

Members who are considering suggesting resolutions for the membership
to vote on, can check the OSM wiki page below for related information
and deadlines.


OSM wiki - Foundation/AGM2022/Election to Board - OpenStreetMap Wiki
OSMF website - Annual General Meetings/2022 - OpenStreetMap Foundation

The official announcement, with the text of any resolutions that are going
to be voted on, will be sent closer to December.

More details are going to be provided in the coming weeks and months.

For new OSM Foundation members

Please note that you might not be eligible yet to vote in the board election:
Annual General Meetings are held online once per year.
If you attend, you can ask questions to the board members and you
are going to be among the first to learn the results of the election.
The results and the reports will also be available at

warm greetings,

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