OSM Foundation 2022 Election Results

Congratulations to our newly elected OSMF board members:

Also thank you to the other candidates who ran:

It was good to see a wide slate of candidates this year. Detailed results available here until February 11th 2023.


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Thank you, Zeke and everyone who participated in the elections!
Special mention @Doro8ea & @MichaelCollinson :pray:
Congratulations to new co-members of the board (Sarah, Mateusz and Craig) as well as to the wonderful candidates who put themselves forward. :clap:

Apologies that I wasn’t able to attend the AGM as it was late my time and we have a sick household last week.

Humbled and pumped to be part of the board and learn more about open governance, and continuing my contribution on the map and OSMF Working Groups :heart_on_fire:


Echoing @ezekielf’s congrats to Craig, Mateusz, Sarah and Arnalie! Great to see a more diverse board, too!

I am happy with the results of the election. I believe the candidates that won represent a diverse range of interests within the OSM community. Congratulations to @arnalielsewhere, @ionvia, Mateusz_Konieczny, and cRaIgalLAn. These candidates are more qualified than I am, and I am hopeful a good balance will be struck between technical needs and mapper engagement. It is my hope that during their tenure this new board actively pursues the inauguration of new official local chapters across the world. Best to all of you.


I am glad to see @Mateusz_Konieczny elected. I am happy such helpful and outgoing approach is apriciated.

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Congratulations to all!

Yesterday this post was published on the OpenStreetMap Blog. Perhaps for the next election a similar post could be published with all the candidates before the election. I would especially appreciate it, and I think many others would as well.

I participated in the this vote, although I abstained because I did not know most of the candidates. I would have preferred to vote for someone, but it didn’t seem like a responsible decision without knowing who they were or what their interests were.

Hi Daniel :slight_smile:

Note: I ran the 2022 OSM Foundation board election, with the help of Michael Collinson, who was the facilitator for the candidates’ questioning process, and Michael Spreng (Membership Working Group volunteer) who had also access to the election platform and checked the OpaVote results.

On information provided about the candidates in the 2022 board election

I would have preferred to vote for someone, but it didn’t seem like a responsible decision without knowing who they were or what their interests were.

Yes, that makes sense :slight_smile:

There was some information about the candidates, provided by them, before the election. They all participated in the OSMF’s official questioning process and provided answers about their interests and views on various topics.

  • All OSMF members who were eligible to vote in the 2022 board election received an email allowing them to vote on this page (the fake candidate list was replaced with the names of the actual candidates), which included the phrase "You can read about the candidates and their positions here. This led to a page where links to the candidates’ answers and manifestos could be found. For example, the first official question was about “Your OSM activities” and linked to this page with the candidates’ answers.

  • OSMF members who were subscribed to the osmf-talk mailing list (for OSMF members only, past emails here) were notified about the candidates’ answers and manifestos even earlier, on November 18.

The list of board candidates also included links to the candidates’ OSM user profiles and personal pages on the OSM wiki.

For the 2023 OSMF board election

For the next election, I could make the phrase “You can read about the candidates and their positions here” in bold.

I had considered publishing one or more election-related posts on blog.openstreetmap.org. There are both advantages and disadvantages. I’m not ruling out posting next year :slight_smile:

Community’s suggestions on OSMF board election process

If you or other people have additional suggestions regarding the election process, feel free to post on osmf-talk mailing list if you are subscribed to it, here on community.osm.org or sent an email to me (dorothea) and/or to the board by appending @osmfoundation.org :slight_smile:


Thank you. I didn’t know the details of the “Answers and manifestos” page. Great job!

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