OSM for Mobile, Offline, Thematic

I would like to make a thematic map that is mobile and offline. Since it is thematic, I will need to provide all the mapping data, images for the tiles (or whatever OSM uses for graphical images) and specifically I’ll need to write my own custom projection to match my images.

Can OSM do this? If so, are there docs? If not, is there another product you can suggest?


OSM is just data. It’s the software that you (or others) write that make something like that possible. OsmAnd, maps.me and others provide offline maps based on OSM data.

They download all data from OSM, convert it to a format that their software can handle and make those files (maps) available for download by their app.

Others convert it to e.g. a format compatible for Garmin and allow people to download those files.

OSM does not define a format for “images”. I would suggest you start reading the wiki pages for developers to get a better understanding of what OSM is (and is not).

Thanks. I will do that.