OSM database update time

Hello everybody!

I want to know the time gap which takes place between map edition moment and database update moment.
I edited the map but still cannot find entered address in search.

Thanks in advance!

The search is done by nominatim and this site suggests there is little delay

If you provide the address we can check if it is tagged correctly.

Now all is okay - it was updated.
And one more question: what is the gap between editing site version and updating offline maps for mobile app (Osmand)?

Normally Osmand’s offline maps are published on the 1st, the 11th and the 21st day of a month … as long the whole Osmand server infrastructure is in good shape.

The bigger part (not all) of Osmand’s map are produced from data extracts by http://wwwgeofabrik.de where we have a gap from 1 day esimated. and processing Osmand maps themselves may take one day more

But you are able to produce Osmand’s map with very fresh raw OSM on yourself via Osmand’s mapcreator … see the links on osmand.net how to do that.

PS: Consider that for example mapFactor Navigator free Maps are updated once in a month, and for be-on-road we have updates each quarter year.