OSM data question


I need some extra info about OSM. I would like to create a progressive web app wich will withdraw the info of a specific OSM map (more specifically Poros Island Greece). I understand that this is an open Software but is it possible to use preferrable info and not all the hotels that are added in the platform for example?

Moreover I add a lot of info in this map, how I ensure that nobody else will use all the staff and abuse my own app?

Hi, firstly: OpenStreetMap is not open software, it’s a database. And the nice thing about data is that you can filter it so e.g. hotels won’t show on your map. The same thing happens when you view the standard maps: not everything in the database is rendered. So yes, it’s possible.

Your second question is not clear to me. Do you mean you want a kind of copyright on your information? Because that’s also possible, as long as the information is not entered in OpenStreetMap.

PS: looking on the map now I remember being at Poros long ago :). Slept on our yacht there during a short stopover in very windy conditions.