OSM data --gpx--> GPS-receiver ??


I want to have all train stations of a certain area as waypoints in a gpx-file for my gps receiver (eTrex). How is it possible to get that data from OpenStreetMap?
I tried JOSM, but how can I selcet all objects of a specific type?
Many thanks in advance for answering my question.

Greetings Uri

In JOSM: try to use search, menu: edit->search and then search for either:

  • “railway:station”
  • “railway type:node” (type:way will get you all the ways)

Or you can use openstreetmap extended api: “xapi”

curl -g 'http://osmxapi.hypercube.telascience.org/api/0.5/node[railway=station][bbox=18.03,59.306,18.06,59.32]'

the bbox parameteres is:[bbox=left,bottom,right,top] use the export function if you want an easy way to get these…

You should use: “http://xapi.openstreetmap.org/api/” which in best case scenario should always work by redirecting you to a server that works, but it fails to redirect you to a working server abit too regularly to be useable, so you will have to do trial and error on all servers mentioned on the osm xapi page