OSM data export to handheld GPS? SICK OF TOMTOM

I am sick of tomtom and others always wanting to sell us map updates, are there any handheld GPS units out there that will integrate OSM maps?

are there android apps? any other open source code? that could be used in handheld mapping and GPS routing?

Im looking for a way to replace my tomtom with something that can be open source

George, In Fresno CA

For outdoor use I would recommend Garmin as there are plenty of OSM map providers, but address search is still a bit tricky. But for in-car use there are lots of options. All major mobile phone platforms have OSM routing apps and for generic ARM of x86 platforms with Windows or Linux there are lots of applications that can do routing. Search the wiki, there is lot’s of info there.

for an overview and more details have a look, how already mentioned by Lambertus, at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Software

any suitable software for a mobile device there for your purposes?

Don’t hesitate to ask if there is trouble with a specific device or app.