OSM Data Downloading and Pricing

Is it against OSM copyrights to download OSM data and add additional information to it and sell it to someone else without OSM attribution?

If yes, how can someone sell that data in compliance with OSM copyrights?

It is never ok to redistribute OSM data without attribution (unless it’s a really tiny extract). If you believe that someone is doing this then you should contact the OSM Foundation’s Licensing Working Group.


I am wondering what is the use case, would be good to elaborate on that.

If it is only additional data and displaying a map you could use a default or own OSM background layer, with attribution and an overlay with the additional data.

You won’t get legal advice here.
However a good starting point is OpenStreetMap

Now, I can’t tell you two things for sure:
You can’t re-distribute OSM data without attribution.
To make money re-distributing OSM data you may have to add some added value in order to find customers.

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