OSM Community -> Austria is Missing..!

I miss Austria in the List. Can someone add it please.

what list / website do you mean exactly?

We have many lists in the OSM universe.

I bet he is missing Austria in the country list of this forum.

We have

Users: Australia

and next:

Users: Belgium

In between should fit:

Users: Austria

Is there a widespread demand for a separate Austrian forum? The Austrian community has done impressive work for years, but apparently has not felt the need for a separate forum before. Granted, there is a sufficiently active Austrian mailing list. Nevertheless, the demand should be examined more closely imo.

@Boy2006: Did your request originate from a discussion in the Austrian community, or is it your own idea?

Vor längerer Zeit gab es einen Anstoß zu einem österreichischen Subforum mit Diskussion auf der AT-Liste. Die Reaktion der dort Hauptagierenden war - gelinde gesagt - beschämend. Angesichts dessen ist jeder weitere Vorstoß zur Einrichtung eines österreichischen Subforums unterblieben. Ich persönlich würde ein Forum “users: Austria” sehr begrüßen. Aber ich fühle mich bei den deutschen Freunden auch sehr wohl.

So Swizerland have there own “users” Area and Germany and Hungary.
So why not Austria? It takes only some KB of space for it.
The Nazi Regime is a longe time over and the are independent.
Tomorrow on the 26. October the 2nd Austrian Republic exist since 75 Years that is an good Date to become independent from the German Usergroup.

Hi, we - from the german forum - asked them at talk-at (the austrian mailing list) to create an austrian forum.




Whe have to fight everyday for the interdependency from Germany.
Since Hitler loose the War the World see us as an Part of Germany who is left over.
We get Products and Service who can sold to Austria to but the are cut down to fit in the Austrian Law.
Sorry when i fight everywhere for the right of an independence of our Country.


How i can answer that post?

Because no one asked for an Austrian community forum before. It’s really that simple.

Anyway, I was on holiday so my response is a bit late but now there is an Austrian forum. Haven fun!


Actually, just to add it a bit lately:
The main-mailinglist-users were or are sceptical about an forum(old guard?). There are definitely some who wants a forum (including me) and searching for that.
There ARE some uses for the Mailing-List but i prefer the Forum.

Seriosuly? Godwin’s law so fast? Was that really neccessary? That hint was so absolutely not needed.