OSM Combiner trouble

Hello forum,

The problem I have is that I can not get the maps combined in OSM Combiner.

I tried various setting (also of the Java rate) Various map types and others. Like selecting or not selecting the Gpsmappup image.

Every time my computer is huffing and puffing at it for a long time and then at the end throws an error code in the Combiner program.
This is what it says:

Time started: Wed Nov 29 14:44:55 CET 2017
Number of MapFailedExceptions: 0
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
at uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.lbl.POIRecord.(POIRecord.java:53)
at uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.lbl.LBLFileReader.readPoiInfo(LBLFileReader.java:351)
at uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.lbl.LBLFileReader.(LBLFileReader.java:75)
at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.combiners.FileInfo.lblInfo(FileInfo.java:326)
at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.combiners.FileInfo.lblInfo(FileInfo.java:313)
at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.combiners.FileInfo.imgInfo(FileInfo.java:259)
at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.combiners.FileInfo.getFileInfo(FileInfo.java:152)
at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.main.Main.endOptions(Main.java:562)
at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.CommandArgsReader.readArgs(CommandArgsReader.java:128)
at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.main.Main.mainStart(Main.java:134)
at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.main.Main.main(Main.java:105)

An error has occurred. Check the log below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Ard

Hi Ard,
This means your computer has not enough memory to combine the maps. It happens when you are combining huge areas together, try to set the Java memory settings higher than 500MB but it really depends on your system if more memory is available.